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In a Metal Web | In a Metal Web Gallery

Book Three of the Spider Garden series

"In the cybernetic paradise known as the Spider Garden, the pursuit of pleasure has been elevated to an artform. The Garden's voluptuous caretaker Sasaya Nijan invents countless erotic entertainments for her multi-sexed Mastress, Shaalis the Sacred Androgyne. From every land in the Empire, decadent aristocrats arrive to pay homage and sample the Garden's delights - but in the ocean's depths, jealous eyes are watching..."

Following the interrogation of the concubine Arha, Lord Verio finds himself imprisoned in a remote part of Hydrophidian, then lured into a heated encounter with the Serpentine Sisters' Tengu pet, Gion. Meanwhile, Squamata and Lichurna acquire a new ally as they lay the ground work for their latest and most daring plot: the abduction of Sasaya Nijan.

In the Spider Garden, human and non-human guests alike play their perverse games while the sensuous Sasaya supervises the training of her latest group of concubines. Upon retiring, she finds her sleep troubled by a series of hallucinatory erotic nightmares. Perhaps a passionate three-way lovemaking session with her hermaphrodite Mastress and flower-slave Natsu can ease her mind...

In a Metal Web also includes four pages of character designs and conceptual sketches. Unlike the portfolio sections of previous volumes, these were reproduced from the original pencil drawings.

IN A METAL WEB (2003/NBM) 72 B&W pages - color cover with foil-stamped letttering - trade paperback - 11.5" x 8" - $11.95

IN A METAL WEB is now available directly from me. To place orders, please contact me at my Earthlink address below.

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