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Interviews and Articles | FATAL BEAUTY INTERVIEW - 2004 - questions by Michele Zipp

Tell us about the first time you were turned on by visual erotica?

When I was a kid, I really liked to look at mythological images - Greek gods and goddesses, half-human half-animal creatures like centaurs and satyrs. I didn't know what sex was yet or how to masturbate, but there was something really fascinating about those beautiful nude bodies.

The first time you were turned on by written erotica?

Pauline Reage's "Story of O". I first read it when I was pretty young. That blank white cover was really mysterious looking and there were a lot of things in it that I had never heard of before - buttplugs, corsets, anal and oral sex, whipping, tattooing, piercing, branding. Even the language of it felt a bit strange, like when she would refer to someone's cock or cunt as "his sex" or "her sex". It got me very hot and bothered though.

What to you is the sexiest image?

One that creates an atmosphere that I can connect with and lose myself in for a while.

A lot of your visual work involves bondage. Why the fascination?

I like roleplaying, restraint, resistance� the three "r"s.

What is sexy to you?

A good imagination.

Where do you find inspiration for your erotica?


Have you written/drawn about real experiences?

Some of my real life experiences have inspired my stories. I haven't done many purely autobiographical pieces though.

What do you fantasize about?

Usually real people. Past experiences or future possibilities. There's a dominatrix that my partner and I are planning on doing a scene with, so that's been a popular one lately.

Is there a line between fantasy and reality?

Ideally, they fuel each other.

What are your feelings about being featured on

It's nice to be thought of�

How is your erotica related to some of the images on

The models look more like people I know rather than porn stars which is kind of nice. Other than that, I don't see much of a relation.

What inspires you?

Life. Friends. Art. Music. Drugs.

How closely do you feel sex and spirituality relate?

Really good sex will usually be spiritually nourishing for me, in one way or another. I often feel that we humans are so isolated in our bodies and in the little worlds of our own minds that I'm amazed we're capable of communicating with each other all, much less giving each other orgasms. For me, getting to that point of intimacy can't help but feel like an experience that transcends the purely physical/emotional.

Tell us about one of your favorite scenarios from one of your stories.

There's a short piece, "Vague Terrain" in CATHEXIS, where a female/male couple borrow a sex slave, Kat, from their dominatrix friend Circe. Kat is a beautiful Asian boy whom Circe has used corset and strap-on dildo training to transform into an androgynous latex maid. The woman in the couple hasn't told the man (who is blindfolded) who they're playing with. She guides him through a three-way sex scene that he thinks is with another woman.

What is your favorite part of a person's body? (male or female or both)


What might be something mundane (something that people do every day without thinking) that you consider to be erotic or construed as inadvertently sexy?

Ride a bicycle.

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