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Past Events | Comicon 97 Photo Gallery

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Gallery script by ozgolith

1 - 3. Midori's skimpy Elena costume left enough space for a little impromptu body painting at the NBM booth.

4. Midori posing in the Con's photo area in prior to appearing in Saturday night's traditional Costume Contest. Her Courtesan of the Spider Garden won a special jury prize.

5. Midori's courtesan costume got her a lot of attention. The woman in the leopard skin skirt is a Japanese erotic manga artist who was fascinated by Midori's cleavage. Her male partner/assistant was a little more reserved.

6. This lovely contestant appeared as comicbook heroine Shi. I think she won "Costume Most Likely To Cause Heart Failure" award (seriously). Later that evening, she came running out of a bar in her street clothes to say hi to us and we couldn't figure out who she was until she told us.

7. Midori versus alien criminal Zeiram and his beautiful anime assistant (note the giant magnet she's holding). These two did a show stopping comedy/dance routine that won them one of the top prizes.

8. The only thing better posing with a bunch of anime elf girls and looking like a total dork is having it committed to film just as an even bigger dork in a Superman t-shirt walks by in the background.

9. "Careful with that blaster, Eugene." Midori prepares to smack down a portly Boba Fett as Darth Vader tries to figure out how to light his saber.

[1+3] by Terry Nantier
[2,4,5,6,7,9] by Michael Manning
[8] by Michael Ken

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